Patrol Division


102 - Sgt. Richard Jordan

103 - Sgt. Allen Potter

104 - Sgt. Scott Conley

105 - Sgt. Brett Hinsch
Patrol Officers

108 - Ptl. Jim Callahan

109 - Ptl. Robert Grimes

112 - Ptl. Rob Masters

113 - Ptl. Zack Taylor 

114 - Ptl. Chris Walls 

115 - Ptl. Steve Sprague 

116 - Ptl. Steve Sickles 

U-117 - Ptl. Richard Kisor

U-118 - Ptl. Jeremy Witt

K-9 Officers

Ptl - Steve Sprague & K-9 Zee


Communications officers, often called DISPATCHERS, are normally the first point of contact citizens have with the Jackson Police Department. Emergency calls made to 9-1-1, administrative calls to the police business lines and walk-in visits to the police station are initially handled by our radio communications personnel.

Our communications officers do much more than answer the phone and dispatch patrol officers to calls. Communications Officers at the Jackson Police Department prepare criminal complaints (affidavits), notarize documents, operate the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) computer, answer 9-1-1 emergency calls, dispatch local fire departments, and handle radio and telephone calls for city utility departments during non-business hours. If you're interested in monitoring the daily activities of the Jackson Police Department, simply program your scanner for 159.09 MHz. Our FCC callsign is KQB-910. While some police agencies discourage monitoring official police communications, the Jackson Police Department encourages it. Monitoring allows the community to understand what the police department does and how it works. We have also received many valuable and timely tips from scanner listeners, helping officers locate wanted persons and vehicles and making arrests on criminal activity in progress.
Communications Officers 

C/O1 - Steve Fisher

C/O2 - Robert Campbell

C/O3 - Blair Strange

C/04 - James Kight

C/05 Arron Riley

Part Time Communications Officers

Charles Bock
Administrative Secretary / Communicaitons Officer 
C/O6 - Bonnie Grimes


The Jackson Police Department maintains a force of auxiliary officers who assist the fulltime officers of the department. The members of the auxiliary are all fully trained and certified law enforcement officers, carry weapons and have full arrest powers. These officers donate their time and energy and provide their own uniforms and other equipment. They provide a valuable service to the community by assisting the fulltime staff during the busy evening hours and at special events such as the Jackson County Apple Festival, Pig Iron Days and other city festivals and special functions.

Officers and Dispatchers Mike Music, Robert Grimes, Allen Potter, Scott Conley, Steve Sprague, Zack Taylor, Chuck Bock, Richard Kisor, and Jeremy Witt all started with the police department as members of the auxiliary unit, and were later changed to full time status.

If you are interested in joining the Police Auxiliary, contact Assistant Chief Maria Uribe at (740) 286-4131. Her e-mail address is: